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Process and production
Extreme Process and Equipment Specialist

  Energyn, a leader of extreme technologies

Based on our base technologies such as wire winding and diffusion bonding, in addition to our extreme technologies for ultra-high-pressure, ultra-high-temperature, ultra-low-temperature, ultra-vacuum, and high-speed heat control, we focus on the production of the equipment for extreme processes (isostatic press or hot press) and industrial furnaces. The technologies of Energyn are adopted and expanded across a variety of industries, such as semiconductors, LCD, automobile, food, electronics, medicine, nuclear power, space-aviation, defense, etc

Based on our technologies, we are developing novel equipment that is needed for the production of solid-state batteries and the MLCC for electronics, which are the next generation secondary battery business areas, in addition to the hydrogen industry, which will be backed by the production of the modules that are needed for hydrogen charging infrastructure

Global Technology Leader
Global Technology Leader

Advanced R&D efforts for next-generation technologies and upgrading our base technologies

With our corporate R&D center, we continue our effort to upgrade the base technologies of Energyn, in addition to our efforts for the advanced research and development of the next-generation technologies such as hydrogen recharging infrastructure modules and solid-state battery production equipment.

A South Korean leader in the field of extreme technology

Energyn develops and builds highly advanced technical equipment by converging the world’s best extreme technology that controls ultra-high-pressure, ultra-high-temperature, ultra-low-temperature, ultra-vacuum, and high-speed temperature control, wire winding technology, and diffusion bonding technology.

Intellectual property rights and international certifications

The company holds more than 60 intellectual property rights and has to pass highly demanding certification processes for ASME and KGS, etc., endowing us the competitive advantages that are relevant not only in the domestic market but also the international market.

Global Technology Leader
Introduction of Product

High pressure equipment

ECIP Cold Isostatic Press
EDIP Dry Isostatic Press
EWIP Wet Isostatic Press
ERIL Rapid Isostatic Laminator
HPP High Pressure Processing

Ultra high temperature equipment

EHP High Vacuum Hot Press
EHIP Hot Isostatic Press
ESF Sintering Furnace
EGPS Gas pressure sintering Furnace
ESPS Spark Plasma Sintering Furnace
CVD/CVI Chemical Vapor Infiltration

Modules & Parts

PCHE Printed Circuit Heat Exchanger
Pyrolytic Graphite Sheet
Fine Ceramics
Silicon Carbide
SiC CVD Coating


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EHP Series

EHP Series

제품소개ENERGYN Hot Press에너진 핫프레스 EHP Series 오더메이드 제품

Admin 2022년 01월 27일
EHP Series

EHP Series

제품소개ENERGYN Hot Press에너진 핫프레스 EHP Series 오더메이드 제품

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제품소개ENERGYN CIP(COLD ISOSTATIC PRESS)에너진 CIP FEATURE SPECIFICATIONS ECIP120/360 ECIP200/600 ECIP200/900 ECIP300/1200 ECIP380/900 Work Zone 120x360L 200x600L 200x900L Ø300x1200 Ø380x900 Type Wet…

Admin 2021년 11월 09일