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Introduction to our corporate R&D center

The corporation R&D center of Energyn has been established since 2012

and is engaged in the advanced R&D projects to further upgrade the base technologies of Energyn, such as diffusion bonding, wire winding, or isostatic forming, while developing the next-generation technologies for the company such as the hydrogen application products charging and testing equipment or solid-state battery production equipment, etc.

In addition to the original technologies of Energyn, the company has been working with various organizations in South Korea and overseas, such as KITECH, KOGAS, KFE, and the Agency for Defense Development to contribute to the realization of extreme process technologies that will lead the way to the growth of national industries and future technologies.

At Energyn, we believe that technology without innovation will degenerate, eventually. With this in mind, our corporate R&D center will never stop our efforts to create more value for the future of humankind and our company through continued R&D efforts.

R&D areas


Hydrogen charging station equipment

Developing and upgrading the heat exchanger for pressurized hydrogen gas pre-cooler, PCHE.
Developing and acquiring international certification for ultra-high-pressure hydrogen storage vessels based on the wire winding technology for safety and high durability.
Proceeding with the development of ultra-high-pressure hydrogen compressor with variable pressure.

Hydrogen testing and measurement instruments

Hydrogen brittleness testing equipment for high-pressure hydrogen storage vessels/pressure vessels materials.
Hydrogen storage vessels pressure test equipment

Solid-state battery area

Solid-state battery area

Developing high ion conductivity and high-durability lithium-ion conductivity compound solid-state electrolytes.
Development of compound anodes and cathodes for solid-state batteries based on solid-state electrolytes.
Serial/parallel solid-state battery stacking or assembly technology.
Development of the pressurizing/heating and depressurizing/cooling device for solid-state batteries.
Charging/discharging performance test for solid-state batteries and characteristics analyses

MLCC(Multi Layer Ceramic Capacitor)

Development of the pressurizing/heating and depressurizing/cooling device for MLCCs
Performance testing and characteristics analyses for MLCCs

Upgrading base technologies

Diffusion bonding technology
Wire winding technology
Isostatic forming technology
Continued study efforts for the optimized atmosphere and recipes for the materials