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    ENERGYN Heat Spreader

    The Energyn heat-spreader technology

    Instead of the existing heat pipe technology, the heat is spread not across linear pipes but through 2D or 3D structures in a heat spreader.
    Energyn has developed the heat spreader technology that can come in any form, further widening the possible range of applications.
    Especially, we have secured the technology to maintain the quality and realize various shapes using light alloy materials such as aluminum.
    We can design thin layers and multi-dimensional forms as we wish to apply our technology to mobile, home appliances, heavy electric equipment, defense, aviation, and sports goods.

    A comparison with a heat spreader

    A comparison of heat conductivity between different materials when a heater with the same caloric value is attached to the left end of each sample
    – Width: 40mm, Length: 535mm

    ① Stainless steel (first): The heat does not conduct well and is concentrated in a single spot. Therefore, the temperature above the sensor is the highest: 94.2 degrees. The heat is transferred up to about 70mm from the left end.
    ② Aluminum (second): Heat conductivity is higher than that of stainless steel but still lower than that of copper. The temperature was 65.2 degrees, which was rather high, and the heat is transferred up to 150mm from the left end.
    ③ Electric copper (fourth): Provides the highest heat conductivity among all commercially available metals. The temperature was 58 degrees, and the heat was transferred up to 200mm from the left end.
    ④ Energyn spread heater (third):
    – Heat was transferred to the end of the product (at least 500 times of copper) and the heat was evenly distributed. As a result, the topical temperature was lower, and heat distribution was even. 41.9 degrees
    – It is optimal for heat emission modules, as heat can be transferred from the source over a longer distance.
    – Not significantly affected by gravity.

    Industrial areas

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    ※ This is the energy standard model. Full specifications such as work zone/working pressure/vessel structure/dimension can be customized.

    Production Capacity

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